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Rubén Delgado


Assistant Research Professor

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology


Ph.D. Chemistry University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras


Dr. Delgado is experienced in remote sensing technology for air quality, wind energy, and meteorology applications. His interest and experience in active and passive remote sensing measurements has allowed him to participate in numerous field campaigns. Dr. Delgado has mentored undergraduate and graduates students from diverse majors (Math, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geography and Environmental Systems) in atmospheric and remote sensing topics.


Research Interests

Research interests focus in atmospheric chemistry and physics, and laser remote sensing technology. Elastic, Raman, and Doppler wind lidar measurements are integrated with satellite retrievals, ground based concentration measurements of gases and aerosols, and numerical weather prediction models to reach a thorough understanding of the coupling of chemistry and dynamics in air-land-marine interactions.


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