Zhifeng Yang

Zhifeng Yang (Graduate Student in Atmospheric Physics)

Education History:

B.S.,  Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, China
M.S.,  Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China
M.S.,  Meteorology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, US

Research Interests: 

My current research interests focus on the air quality, which is mainly about atmospheric constituents, including trace gases (ozone, NOx, etc) and aerosol particles (smoke, dust). With the help of models and observations, it is possible for us to study the trace gases and aerosol thoroughly. The model I use is Weather Research and Forecast model with Chemistry (WRF-Chem). The observations are from both ground-based (AERONET, airnow, lidar) and space-borne (MODIS, CALIOP, SEVIRI) measurements. Recently, I am working on the influence of Canadian wildfire on the air quality in the eastern US and the influence of the Chesapeake Bay on the local ozone pollution.


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Selected Presentations

Yang Z., B. Demoz, R. Delgado, D. U. Emerson, B. Carroll, Comprehensive Study on the role of the Chesapeake Bay to ozone pollution in Maryland, NOAA-EPP Forum, Washington D.C., Mar., 2018;

Yang Z., J. Wang, C. Ichoku, L. Ellison, F. Zhang, and Y. Yue, Mesoscale modeling of smoke radiative feedback over the Sahel region, GC007, AGU 2013 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec., 2013;

Yang, Z.J. Wang, C. Ichoku, E. Hyer Mesoscale Modeling of Smoke Transport over Sahel Region: Influences of Trade Winds, Subtropical High, ITCZ, Dust and Vertical Statistics, GC44A-01, AGU 2012 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec., 2012;

Zeng J., J. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. YangX. Xu, Application of VIIRS data for remote sensing of surface particulate matter in Atlanta city, AGU 2012 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec., 2012;

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